Mrachnik’s Boots Unique handmade footwear from Kyiv

Using classic technology means that our footwear is made without mechanical stamping or cheap and harmful materials, and guarantees durability, resistance and repairability, producing harm-free shoes.

Each pair is unique and is made according to customer specificiations and measurements. Mrachnik’s Boots can be made in any desired configuration and color.

These is orthopedic footwear that protect your feet, joints and spine from unnecessary loads. Every part of Mrachnik’s footwears are made of quality leather, which prevents excessive sweating, sticking, and bacterial growth.



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Our shoes are not only comfortable to wear —
they’re also very difficult to damage

The sole is fastened to the top mechanically with strong threads, nails and wooden pegs,
ensuring they will never fail and will maintain their shape both for city and outdoors wear.

Classic style

We are inspired by the classical designs of the first half of the 20th century,
when manufacturers spared no expense on good materials and spent a lot of time on quality control.

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